Warehouse Supervisor

Company Name:
Select Family of Staffing Companies
Warehouse Supervisor
What you can expect from the Select Family of Staffing Companies:
Your employment with Select can be a pivotal step in your career with a rewarding and successful future. If you will do your part, we can promise that you will master the following skills:
Deliverance of superior client service - Formulate and strengthen relationships with clients and associates.
Recruiting - Attract, evaluate, screen, and match applicants to employment opportunities.
Teamwork - Work effectively with a group of employees.
Leadership - Take initiative in your career and become a leader among your peers.
Best Business Practices - Make sound business decisions; produce real results in the marketplace.
Each of these skills will help you grow and develop, thus preparing you for a secure future. We will provide the opportunities; you will determine the realization of your full potential!
What the Select Family of Staffing Companies Expects from You
Customer Service
You agree to provide "best-of-class" service to the Select Family of Staffing Companies customers (which include clients, associates and colleagues). This means:
Greet each client in-person or over the phone with a smile.
Treat clients, associates and colleagues with CDR (Courtesy, Dignity and Respect).
Maintain professional standards for conduct, practices and dress.
Follow all screening and placement policies and procedures.
Provide honest and frequent communication to clients regarding the status of our service.
Strengthen personal relationships through the use of frequent status calls, quality reviews, sales calls, client visits and lunches, mail and electronic correspondence, and other value-added services.
Respond to each client concern or complaint with sympathy and an attitude of urgency in providing fast, high-quality resolutions to issues.
Answer all telephone calls by the third ring.
Use professional communication and grammar at all times.
You agree to be a positive influence with your colleagues, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your branch. This means:
Treat each colleague with CDR - courtesy, dignity, and respect.
Be reliable and punctual so others can depend on you to be at work.
Work until the job is completed.
Professionally address "constructive" criticism only with the colleague involved - never discuss, listen, or participate in gossip.
Develop and share suggestions for improving the operation of the branch.
Fulfill your responsibility to your team by meeting your personal production goals.
Communicate to colleagues using professional verbal and written correspondence and through documenting your activity in the Tempware database and network information systems.
Manage the total "temp staffing" work system at the client's facility.
Act as liaison between client, associates, and branch office.
Solve problems and handle all potentially volatile situations. Look for ways to improve the relationship through effective resolution of problems.
Maintain a detailed documentation of all account and associate activities, issues, problems and resolutions in Tempware.
Provide needed client reports in a timely manner.
Develop and implement strategic, pro-active recruitment and retention programs
Coordinate all communications between client, associate, and branch colleagues.
Check in temporary associates on a daily basis.
Give all new associates an orientation and site tour for the current day's assignment.
Monitor attendance and immediately secure back-ups to fill in for absences.
Communicate with line managers and department heads to assess continuing "quality" of personnel.
Arrange replacement for those individuals who do not meet standards.
Walk the production/warehouse floor every 2 hours.
Responsible for overall temporary associate staffing.
Maintain or implement changes in staffing to assure that productivity remains at acceptable levels.
Coordinate all order between client and branch.
Adjust staffing by increasing or decreasing staff to meet client needs.
End associate assignments either in person or via phone.
Counsel associates on performance, attendance, or any other issues.
Maintain personnel file information in Tempware.
Insure all client requirement are fulfilled (i.e., background check, drug screening, skills testing, etc)
Maintain the timekeeping system on a daily basis.
Distribute pay checks on a weekly basis.
Resolve payroll issues within 4 hours.
Track and review all client invoices.
Resolve invoicing questions or problems promptly.
Generate client reports, as needed.
Provide Aging Report to Accounts Payable on a weekly basis.
Safety & Work Related Injuries
Design and implement Safety Program with both client and Regional Safety Manager.
Provide Workers with safety equipment, as needed.
Handle all medical emergencies:
Evaluate severity of injury.
Provide first aid or obtain medical treatment, as required.
Complete and follow-through on all necessary paperwork; obtain "witness" statements & take photos; coordinate with Risk Management Department.
Monitor all work related injuries; make sure medical appointments are kept &/or modified duty is offered.
Insure a safe working environment by conducting safety walks every 2 hours.
Other Duties
Learn the "company culture".
Build trust at all levels.
Develop a genuine interest and participate in the client's meetings and company functions.
Distribute your Blackberry or Pager number to client management team. (On-Site Managers are on-call twenty four hours a day and seven days per week.)

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.